Grumpiness vs. Gratitude

thanksDo you ever just get grumpy?  You have no idea why but it just feels good to whine and grump about things.  I am starting to think about these days of grumpiness and think, “there just has to be a better way!” Then,  I was reminded of Gratitude Journals for some reason.  I have heard about them all over the place, people making them, buying them, sharing them.  There are also a couple of sayings I have seen going around: “There is always, always, always, something to be grateful for.” and “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” Well, isn’t that nice but when I am grumpy that doesn’t mean that I am not grateful or that I am not thankful for what I have! Or, does it?  Does it mean that I am all stuck into myself and not grateful or thankful for anything?

If the definition of grateful (Yes, I love to look up definitions of words :)) is “feeling or expressing thanks: having or showing the desire or reason to thank somebody; and “comforting: giving pleasure or comfort” how does that play along with being grumpy? If grumpy then means “irritable or grouchy. An example of grumpy is a person who is always complaining and unhappy” then I have something to think about.  Yikes!  I am not making the people around me feel very “comforted” if I am not grateful and thankful for them.  So therefore it seems that grateful and thankful people are more happy and ones that other people like to be around instead of us sometimes “grumpy” ones.  I get it, I really do.  If I focus on the things to be grateful and thankful for even if I have to force myself (and sometimes I do), it makes a difference.  I am taking the focus off of me and putting it in a place where my eyes are looking up, looking around, and taking the focus off of myself.  When I am tired and not felling well, I can still be grateful that I woke up this morning, that I have a God who loves me, a husband who loves me, a family, a home and on an on.  It really does start to make a difference in me and in others around me!

Ok, back to the Gratitude Journals.  There are journals, apps, and all kinds of things that can remind you to write what you are grateful for, write them down, go back and look at them and thank God above for all the things He has provided!  Wow.  Here are a couple of things to help you get started if you think making some kind of Gratitude Journal will help you  and you can even start one with your kids, training them to be thankful little people.   You can make journals, use 3×5 cards, write things you are grateful and thankful on your whiteboard and change it daily – there are so many ideas.  You can just Google, “Gratitude Journals” and see so many wonderful ideas.

On Pinterest, you can search for gratitude journals at,

There are apps you can use for your computer, iPhone, android phones and tablets that even have reminders on them! Ha – think of that! Some ideas of those apps are here:

Then, here are some printable journal pages that can help you make your own and put them into a really jazzy book, at

Happy Journaling!  Let me know how it turns out and what your ideas are? I would love to hear about it!  Talk soon, Tlc



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