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Here is a list of books with reviews from women from Goodreads for your reading list here.

Food – I love food and not ashamed of it!  I also happen to be gluten-free and have been for about 5 years.  One of my favorite cook books is “Flying Apron’s Gluten-Free & flying apron cookbookVegan Baking Book” – it’s fabulous!  Here is Seattle we are also fortunate enough to have a couple of their bakeries.  From their muffins, crumbles, tea cakes, Quinoa bread, Sweet Potato Rosemary bread, everything in this book is extra great, easy to make with pictures for most recipes.  This book is available at Amazon here.

Devotionals – Oh, please don’t get me started on devotionals – I have many of them.

my godOne of my favorites is not even considered a devotional, it’s called, “My God, Do You Love Me? – A Women’s Conversations with God” by Brenda Hunter, PH.D.

It’s quite an amazing book and I remember the first time I picked it up in a little store in Redmond, WA. over 16 years ago, it never has stopped speaking to my heart.  The first “letter” that is written in the book is called, “My God, Do you love me – Truly love me?”  The letter is written by a women who is really having a hard time understanding God and she talks about “Are you privy to the childhood pain, to the memories I haven’t been able to exorcise” Do you witness my attempts to connect emotionally with my husband, children, close friends -attempts that sometimes falter?” Each letter is followed by a response from God and some scripture, encouraging the woman that He is there, loves her, sees, hears and watches over her.  There are letters for every circumstance, “Today, God, I am struggling to be hospitable” and even “How can I possibly love the other woman, Lord?” There are many letters for many circumstances like cancer, gossiping and more.  It’s available on Kindle at Amazon, here.  Remember you don’t have to have a Kindle to use the Kindle app, you can get it on your computer, tablet, Ipad or iPhone or android phone. Rate it in stars?  I give it a million!





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