Sewing & Quilting

kids dresses

Do you ever just want to have dressing your kids easy?  Especially in the Summer we want ease and coolness – Here are some ideas just for that! Enjoy!


quiltI love to quilt.  I am not that good yet but last Christmas I made 2 kid’s rag quilts, one tie blanket (that you sew together, not just tie), and an actual quilt for my daughter.  She was very surprised and loved it.  I used a regular machine, no walking foot, so I didn’t do a lot of actual “Quilting” on the back but enough to make it nice and hold together.  I did what is called “stitch in the ditch” and used Moda fabric layer cake.  I love Moda, their fabrics are the best.  Here is my Pinterest board for the quilting ideas that I have found.  I also love the Missouri Quilt Company.  They have a lot of videos and are very easy to follow.  I am not working on the “You’ve Got Mail” quilt for a special lady.  For Christmas I made quilted table runners and gave them away for presents, it was fun and easy.

101 Sewing Tutorials for Summer! 

Etsy has so many fun things to look at and today I found a Summer Sewing Tutorial Page for Summer.  Check it out Here.


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